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Higher Degrees Awarded: 2001

NameThesis TitleDate
R. Garcia-Sanchez Chemically modified capillaries for sample introduction into ICP-MS October 2001
G. Richardson The development and application of novel technology in improving indoor environments January 2001

NameThesis TitleDate
V. Cannizzaro Determination of Co and Mn in marine waters using flow injection with chemiluminescence detection October 2001
M.L. Griffiths Multivariate calibration for ICP-AES March 2001
G.S. Hanrahan Catchment scale monitoring and modelling of phosphorus using flow injection analysis and an export coefficient model November 2001
M.J. Hetheridge An evaluation of the environmental fate of reactive dyes March 2001
A.M. Marcos-Domínguez Investigation of chemometrics methods for characterising drift phenomena in ICP-AES February 2001
G. Spyres The biogeochemical cycling of dissolved organic carbon in the Iberian Margin upwelling system (NE Atlantic Ocean) December 2001
H.F. Sturt Molecular characterisation of fluidised catalytic cracker feedstocks using ruthenium tetroxide oxidation: A study of model hydrocarbons January 2001
E.R. Unsworth Measurement and modelling of uranium and thorium in natural waters October 2001

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