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Higher Degrees Awarded: 2000

NameThesis TitleDate
T.W. Fileman The transport and fate of organic contaminants in estuarine and coastal systems August 2000
M.I. Orif Distribution of nutrients and chlorophyll in the waters off Plymouth September 2000

NameThesis TitleDate
H.E.L. Armstrong Speciation of mercury by chromatography coupled with atomic spectrometry March 2000
N.K. Brahma The on line determination of mercury in process streams using atomic spectrometry November 2000
C.B. Braungardt Metal biogeochemistry of a mine contaminated estuarine-coastal system in SW Spain March 2000
S.A. Hardy The determination of trace metals by capillary electrophoresis May 2000
T. Le Goff Development of novel sensors for anions of environmental interest January 2000
L.A. MacDonald Sub-surface migration of an oil pollutant into aquifers February 2000
M. Martino Complexation and particle-water interactions of nickel in estuaries April 2000
E. Menéndez-Alonso Trace metal and speciation analysis using ion-exchange and energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometry September 2000
P. Powell The effects of hydrology and nutrient inputs at South Milton Ley on the ecology of the Common Reed Phragmites australis (Cav. Trin. ex Steudal) December 2000
A.G. Punt Measurement and modelling of estuarine chemistry October 2000
L.K. Rowley Fundamental studies of interferences in ICP-MS November 2000
M.J. Shaw The fabrication and study of metal chelating stationary phases for the high performance separation of metal ions March 2000
P.A. Sutton The quantitative isolation of 'insoluble organic matter' (IOM) from sediments and bacteria, and its attempted dissolution using the ionic liquid 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium chloride-aluminium (III) chloride July 2000
J.B. Truscott Determination of actinide elements in environmental samples by ICP-MS November 2000
C.E. Williams Development and investigation of the properties of an electrochemically regenerable chemically modified electrode for chemiluminescence detection of analytes in solution December 2000

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