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Higher Degrees Awarded: 1999

NameThesis TitleDate
A.R. Bowie Flow injection with chemiluminescence detection for the determination of iron in surface atlantic waters October 1999
S.P. Coles Automated flow injection instrumentation for monitoring nitrogen species in natural waters September 1999
A.B. Guy Antimony speciation by chromatographic sample introduction to plasma spectroscopy May 1999
L.A. Johns Structural characterisation and the diagenetic pathways of C25 highly branched isoprenoid hydrocarbons December 1999
T.J. Mathews Void structure, colloid and tracer transport properties of stratified porous media July 1999
S.J. Niven The origins and occurrence of estrogenic A-ring aromatic steroids in U.K. sewage treatment works effluents November 1999
M.G. Sanders Analytical applications of the peroxyoxalate chemiluminescence reaction June 1999
A.B. Shafawi Mercury species in natural gas condensate January 1999
A.O. Tyler The distribution and reactivity of organochlorines in estuaries March 1999
C.L. Wells Atmospheric trace metal biogeochemistry and fluxes to shelf seas June 1999
D.J. Whitworth Monitoring of trace metal behaviour in natural waters October 1999

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