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Higher Degrees Awarded: 1998

NameThesis TitleDate
M.C. Cooper Laminated sediments of Loch Ness, Scotland: Indicators of Holocene environmental change December 1998
J.L. Dixon Trace metal-particle water interactions in the western North Sea April 1998
A.L. Dye The measurement and characterisation of aerosol in the urban atmosphere (pm10) and an evaluation of the sources of these particles by number October 1998
J.R. Murphy On-line sample pre-treatment of environmental samples for use with atomic spectrometry March 1998
R.A. Nickson In-situ preconcentration of trace metals in natural waters and brines with analysis by flow injection atomic spectrometry July 1998
G.T. O'Connor Development of a low pressure-inductively coupled plasma-ion source for mass spectrometry April 1998
D.M.W. Peat Modelling and monitoring of phosphorus transport and speciation in soil March 1998
M.C. Rawling Particle-water interactions of hydrophobic organic micropollutants in marine systems September 1998

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