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Higher Degrees Awarded: 1997

NameThesis TitleDate
A.J. Revans The determination of changes in dissolved free amino acid concentrations in landfill leachates, with changes in degradation phase August 1997
N.P. Chilcott Structure-activity relationships in glucosinolates as oviposition stimulants of the cabbage root fly, Delia radicum (L.) November 1997
K.J Lamble The development of on-line microwave digestion techniques for environmental matrices January 1997
F.J. Roberts Trace metals in blood and urine as potential markers of bone breakdown in patients with bone metastases January 1997
T.K. Sands Particle-water interactions of Ni and Zn in coastal waters March 1997
E.J. Wraige Studies of the synthesis, environmental occurrence and toxicity of unresolved complex mixtures (UCMs) of hydrocarbons June 1997

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