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Higher Degrees Awarded: 1995

NameThesis TitleDate
H.G. Beere A study of trace element determination by ion chromatography with chemiluminescent detection May 1995
J.N. Clark The reactivity of some transition metal nitrides and carbides April 1995
A.R. Collier Profiling the organic emissions from a light-duty direct injection diesel engine over a range of speeds and loads March 1995
D.A. Cooke Structural characterisation of highly branched isoprenoid alkenes from sediment and algae December 1995
D.J. Heath Characterisation of waxy gas-condensates by high temperature capillary gas chromatography and oxidative degradation March 1995
L.J. Pitts On-line systems for automated sample introduction in atomic spectrometry November 1995
D. Price The determination of hydrogen peroxide in seawater using flow injection with chemiluminescence detection May 1995
C.J. Ridgway Modelling pore-level properties of porous materials August 1995
J.A. Smith Ecological management strategies for impounded harbours October 1995
P.J. Tancell The origin of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in diesel exhaust emissions January 1995
K.V. Thomas Characterisation and environmental effects of unresolved complex mixtures of hydrocarbons March 1995
M.R. Williams Particulate trace metals in British coastal waters October 1995
H.M. Wilson An assessment of alternative management strategies for shallow eutrophicated lakes and reservoirs May 1995

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