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Higher Degrees Awarded: 1994

NameThesis TitleDate
L.N. Ali The dissolution and photodegradation of Kuwait crude oil in seawater May 1994
R.G.J. Bellerby Seawater pH and the oceanic carbon cycle July 1994
M.J. Bloxham The determination of trace metals in sea water using ICP-MS November 1994
S.W. Lewis The characterisation of engine oils by liquid chromatography with luminescence detection February 1994
A.K. Moss Pore-level fluid migration in reservoir sandstones July 1994
B. Paull Investigation of chelating dye impregnated resins for the ion chromatographic determination of trace metals November 1994
W.G. Pretorius Development of improved methods for the analysis of metalloporphyrins in coals, sediments and oils February 1994

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