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Higher Degrees Awarded: 1993

NameThesis TitleDate
K.E. Crowther Solid sample introduction to an inductively coupled plasma source by slurry nebulisation 1993
O.J. Challenger Investigation of high performance chelation ion chromatography for trace metal determination February 1993
M.H.I. Comber Environmental fate and effects of chromium(III) and (VI) investigated using electroanalytical chemistry May 1993
D.C. Dowdell An investigation of the thermodynamic properties of hydrofluoroalkanes, and the contribution of halocarbons to the chlorine/bromine loading of the atmosphere December 1993
M.J. Ford Fundamental studies of mixed gas plasmas in ICP-MS December 1993
A.W. Kim Construction and validation of a GC-ICP-MS instrument for the analysis of organometals and other trace element species September 1993
P. MacLaurin Flow injection and multivariate calibration techniques for process analysis August 1993
A. Sugden Investigation into the synthesis and properties of indenopyridines April 1993

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