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Higher Degrees Awarded: 1987

NameThesis TitleDate
A.J. Bale The characteristics, behaviour and heterogeneous chemical reactivity of estuarine suspended particles February 1987
M.A. Coard Palaeolimnological study of the history of Loe Pool, Helston, and its catchment 1987
D.H. Lawrence Ocean colour analysis using CZCS data February 1987
G.A. Glegg Estuarine chemical reactivity at the particle-water interface August1987
V. Man The characteristics of synthetic and natural hydrous iron oxides in aqueous environments June 1987
P. Norman Optimisation of the inductively-coupled plasma for the analysis of solutions and slurries September 1987
H.G.M. Parry Spectrochemical analysis of whole powdered coal 1987
D.A. Pickering Chemical and physical analysis of laminated sediment formed in Loe Pool, Cornwall 1987
J.N. Robson Synthetic and biodegradation studies of some sedimentary isoprenoid hydrocarbons June 1987
N.G. Smith An investigation into the synthesis and properties of some azafluorenes January 1987

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