Biodegradation of Aromatic Unresolved Complex Mixtures (UCMs): A Comparative Study Using an Isolated Aromatic UCM and Synthetic Model UCM Hydrocarbons

Andrew M. Booth, Helen F. Sturt, Emma L. Smith, Peter Donkin, C. Anthony Lewis and Steven J. Rowland

Petroleum and Organic Geochemistry Group, Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Plymouth, Drake Circus, Plymouth, Devon PL4 8AA, U.K.

Presented at: Organic Contaminants in Soil, Water and Sediment: The Cutting Edge, Reading, U.K., 2nd May 2002.

Download: Poster as an A4 pdf file.

Brief Summary

Cyclohexylalkyltetralins, which are believed to be good model hydrocarbon compounds for components of aromatic unresolved complex mixtures (UCMs) have been synthesised in this laboratory. To validate their candidacy as components of the UCM they have been subjected to rigorous experimentation based upon known properties of the UCM (toxicity, solubility, photodegradation). This study has monitored the biodegradability of both an isolated aromatic UCM and the synthetic model compounds using the bacterium strain Pseudomonas fluorescens, a known aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbon degrader.

Download the complete poster as an A4 pdf file.

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