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Current Projects:

Shallow Survey 2015 data gathering for the conference commences in July 2014. The Research Group is undertaking a fresh Dimensional Control Survey for Falcon Spirit, its GPS mounts and acoustic sensors.  The Plymouth University owned Leica P20, laser scanner, will be used. The University survey vessel, Falcon Spirit, will be collecting data over a 3 week period and the Royal Navy’s vessel for the following 4 weeks.


The SHIPS Project aims is to investigate the maritime history of Plymouth and its estuaries so the scope is quite large, both spatially and temporally.  For example, one project involves recording the collapse of a ship sunk in 1945 as a study of shipwreck site formation processes while another involves recording the entire submerged landscape that is Plymouth Sound.


intertidal zone

Completed Projects:

SafeNav was an investigation of the factors affecting safe navigation in the vicinity of proposed wave energy devices.   It investigated existing, new and developing mitigation methods, with an ultimate aim of recommending navigation methods suitable for the site.  The process developed, to reach these proposals, is transferable to other navigation hazards.

Tamar inter-tidal survey. An initial river bank walk has been completed within a 2km radius of the new Marines’ Base at the northern end of the Navy Dockyard.  Various objects, including a variety of debris has been identified.  This may be subject to a clean-up (by others!) in the future.
An interesting artefact was found on a beach which will be investigated further by a camera mounted under a helium-balloon.















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